Strengthen your supply chain and earn risk free return on your payables

Extend your payable due date and keep your cash longer.

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Offer early payment option to your supplier and earn an annual fee return of 12-18%.

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Recourse on you or your suppliers, your choice.

Have the flexibility to choose between buyer led supply chain finance and supply chain finance.

Why Paysupp?

  • Free extension or discounts at maturity.
  • Zero upfront and deployment cost.
  • Live dashboard & reporting.
  • Digital.
How it works?

Easy to use, digital and innovative supply chain system

Create profile and select funding bank.

Upload your payable ledger.

Suppliers create profile and request early Payment on their invoices.

The bank funds the early payment & collects the payable net value at maturity from the corporate bank account.

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Your questions answered.

PaySupp is a fintech startup focused on Supply Chain Finance to empower businesses to early collect their receivables.
PaySupp facilitates and manage the process between corporates, suppliers and the banks. Banks fund the invoices using PaySupp platform and technology.
PaySupp is registered in Egypt and fully compliant with the Central bank of Egypt.
Any licensed company in Egypt can use PaySupp.
In Supply Chain Finance, recourse is on suppliers which means that the early payment shall be recorded on the Supplier balance sheet as bank debt and Supplier shall be required to settle the debt at maturity in case the corporate didn’t pay. In Buyer Led Supply Chain Finance, recourse is on Corporates which means that the early payment option shall be recorded as debt on the Corporate balance sheet and supplier shall have no liability to settle the debt at maturity in case the Corporate didn’t pay.
No upfront payment required

Empower your business with simplified Supply Chain Finance

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